In this section you will find technical webinars in the field of consulting, design, construction and operation of data centers.

Why does Edge need high accessibility?

In this webinar you will learn about edge computing and why it is so relevant, we will evaluate the impact of accessibility in the expectations of services by users and things.

Keys to success in the execution of Data Center projects

This webinar will help you understand how to manage and mitigate the risks of your Data Center Project and identify the most important considerations when planning the different stages of the project.

Rights and wrongs in Data Center maintenance programs

In this webinar you will learn to identify the rights and wrongs in maintenance & operation of Data Centers by implementing an adequate maintenance program..

Savings in the operation of the Data Center through Energy Efficiency

This webinar will provide you with required abilities to demonstrate the relevance and importance of the cost of energy in the Data Center as a key element for an effective management of the Data Center as well as for other businesses today.

Major myths associated with the TIER certifications of the Uptime Institute

This webinar will clarify the major myths that have diverted attention from the fundamental concepts of the TIER Classification System of the Uptime Institute in Data Centers

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