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Founded in 2008 in San Jose, Costa Rica under the name DC Consultants, in 2012 the company undertook ambitious international expansion and growth in the service portfolio. The decision was then made to change the name to Ingenium.

Who are we?

Ingenium is a consulting, engineering and operations firm specializing in Data Centers, based in Costa Rica and operating in various countries in Latin America. The company provides integrated services throughout the entire Data Center life cycle. We provide agnostic solutions focused on providing the best technical and economical solution for our customers.


Ingenium is an independent consulting, engineering and operations firm that provides integrated solutions for Data Centers in Latin America. Its main objective is to increase competitiveness and efficiency for its customer’s information technology processes.


Become the main provider of integrated solutions in consulting, engineering and operation of data centers in Latin America.


  • Creativity
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Confidence
  • Honesty
  • Customer service

Nuestro Equipo

Manuel Kaver

Octavio Delgado
Chief Technical Officer

Tatiana Vargas
Marketing Manager

Juan C. Londoño
Andean Region Director

Marcos Dufau
Commercial Director – South LATAM

Susana Díaz
Management Assistant

Edgar José Aguilar
Consulting Engineer

Marisol Jiménez
Operations Manager

Victor Fernández
Critical Facilities Management Consultant

Gloriana Jiménez
Consulting Engineer

Rodrigo Otárola
Consulting Engineer

Carla Pacheco
Consulting Architect

Melissa Rojas
Consulting Engineer

José David Sánchez
Consulting Engineer

Rogger Cabrera
Consulting Engineer

Juan Marcos Picón
Consulting Engineer

Javier Tenorio
BIM Modeler
Gabriel Álvarez
BIM Modeler
Ligia Cabalceta
Consulting Architect

Krisha Araya
Accounting Assistant

Daniella Castillo
Mechanical Consulting Engineer
Joseline Barrantes

Melissa Martínez
Accounting Assistant

If you seek independent industry certification or a guarantee that you have the best Data Center, we'll do it for you. We guarantee it.

Code of Conduct

The main objective of consulting is to provide solutions to complex technical problems that require an interdisciplinary approach. This requires the application of knowledge and coordinated skills from multiple professionals, with different technical abilities to deal with the problem from each of their lenses. Together, they all have to reach mutual agreement, because individually they are not enough.

To be able to provide professional quality services, Ingenium considers it essential to create an environment of trust between the company and its stakeholders, customers, suppliers, employees, competitors and the society it serves. To do this it stresses transparency in relationships, development of appropriate communication channels within these groups, a commitment to fulfill their needs underscoring ethics and business integrity.

The drafting and signing of this voluntary code of conduct fits into the actions initiated by Ingenium for the fulfillment of its objectives of transparency, independence and respect in the market where it operates.

Ingenium aspires with this code of conduct to:

  • Reinforce the integrity of the Data Center consulting industry.
  • Optimize the customer-supplier relationship (win – win relationship).
  • Lay the basis for a relationship framework between peers, manufacturers and other industry players.
  • Increase credibility and customer confidence in consultants.
  • Improve the image of the profession and encourage its maturity and differentiation.
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