• 105 m2, 35 kW
    Main Bogota Data Center Assessment

  • 200 m2, 150 kW
    Work Audit, Design and Supervision

  • 100 m2, 150 kW
    Design, Construction Management, Commissioning and TIER III Certification.

  • 150 m2, 200 kW
    Chorrillos: Design, Construction Inspection and Commissioning Expansion.
    Trujillo: Design and DC Commissioning in Container.

  • 150 m2, 225 kW
    Design, Budget, Work Schedule, Obtention of Construction Permits, Work Inspection and TIER III Certification

  • 180 m2, 202 kW
    Design, Construction Management, Commissioning and TIER IV Facility Certification

  • 203 m2, 300 kW
    Design Review, Commissioning and TIER III Design and Facility Certification.

  • 1500 m2 total (278 m2 IT room), 450 kW
    Technical Feasibility, Assessment and Site Selection Study, Construction Design.

  • 1000 m2 (150 m2 IT room), 150 kW
    Consulting, Design, Construction Management, Commissioning and Operation Management

  • 1625 m2 , 2600 kW
    Auditing, Design, Construction Management and TIER III Certification of several facilities.

  • 1000 m2, 500 kW
    Feasibility Study of the alternate site and constructive design service

  • 50 m2 / 50 m2, 250 kW / 36 m2
    Design, Work Inspection and Main DC Commissioning, Alternate and Electric Network Control Room
    Alternate DC Design in Container

  • 1200 m2, 1500 KW
    Design, RFP, Vendor Selection, Work Inspection, Commissioning and TIER III Certification

  • 300 m2, 400 KW
    Operational Framework Generation and Uptime Institute Certificate of Operations, TIER III Operation

  • 600 m2, 800 Kw
    Design Review, RFPs, Vendor Selection; Audit and Technical Inspection, Commissioning; and TIER III Certification

  • 800 m2, 1800 kW
    Design, Inspection, Construction Management, Commissioning, TIER III Design

  • 1200 m2, 1500 kW
    Design, Inspection, Technical Coordination, Commissioning and TIER III Certification Process Support, Uptime Institute Design

  • 100 m2, 160 kW
    Work Inspection, Administration, TIER III Facilities Certification Support

  • 200 m2, 400 kVA

  • 1200 m2, 5 kW per cabinet
    Mexico, Panama and the Dominican Republic: Commissioning and Design Review

  • 1000 m2, 2000 kW
    Designs Review and TIER III Certification of several facilities.

  • 50 m2, 100 kW
    Feasibility Studies, Work Designs and Inspection

  • 1000 m2, 2000 kW
    Design, Inspection, Commissioning and Tier III (Quito) and TIER IV (Guayaquil) Process Certification

  • 809 m2, 600 kW
    Commissioning and TIER III Certification

  • 700 m2, 1000 kW
    Work Technical Direction, Auditing, Commissioning and Support for TIER III Documentary Certification and Built Facility

  • 107 m2, 30 kW scalable to 100 kW
    Technical Feasibility Study, Assessment and Site Selection, Design and Support for the Technical Evaluation of Bidders

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