5 reasons why data centers should use tools like DCIM


• Before implementing tools such as DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) it is important to make sure that the facility management and the business risks are aligned.

DCIM tools are operation-oriented management and administration tools, and these features make them the best allies of organizations to improve data centers operations.

But for these tools to bring real benefits to companies, it is important to develop beforehand an operational framework specific to their organization, this will significantly improve the operation and maintenance processes:

“The operational framework of the data center is a set of policies, guidelines and procedures within the framework of the ITIL methodology, ISO 20000, and COBIT that seeks to evaluate, develop, implement, document, and provide quality control to different processes that the organization requires for the operation to be aligned with the risks of the business and will enable it to meet business goals at the right cost and meet the SLA in the present and near future,” explained Juan Carlos Londoño, Consulting Engineer of Ingenium.

Among the benefits to be gained from the correct implementation of tools for managing the infrastructure of a data center (DCIM) include:

1. Optimizing the use of physical resources in the data center.
2. Ease of asset management, enabling better activity and data center efficiency.
3. Reduction of the impact on business processes and helps maintain the SLA.
4. the ability to manage IT business change workflows at the level of physical infrastructure and linking the physical structure to applications residing on top of this infrastructure.
5. Promotes capacity, change and asset management of the data center, providing scenarios and tasks in advance to get the best use of resources.

Source: Revista ITNow